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As a leading provider of competitively priced service and quality truck parts for commercial vehicle radiators, it’s always been our company’s practice to keep our valued customers informed and updated on the latest developments in our industry so they can make the best, most effective choices for all radiator repair and replacement needs. Here we offer a general overview of the Truck Radiator Chicago, IL and how this major component works.

The Basic Performance Of A Heavy Duty Truck Radiator

The moving parts that work hard inside the engine block of a heavy duty truck or industrial vehicle produce friction. That friction, as it’s meant to do, produces heat. But as useful as heat can be, it can result in serious problems for the parts both outside and inside of the engine block if it is not utilized correctly.

A heavy duty Truck Radiator Chicago is manufactured to effectively cool down the engine block in order to avoid overheating or engine parts seizure. A mixture of water and coolant is distributed via chambers located inside the vehicle’s engine block as well as through the tubes and fins on the Truck Radiator Chicago, IL where surplus heat dissipates. This cooled mixture then re-circulates through the engine block, pulling heat away from the truck’s parts. If the flow of coolant is interrupted somehow by a blockage, or if the levels or mixture of coolant are not correctly maintained, the engine can be prone to overheating and result in major problems that delay your company’s productivity. This is why the primary purpose of a heavy duty Truck Radiator Chicago, IL is the removal of extra heat to prevent damage to all those vital parts inside and outside a truck’s engine block.

Best Practices For Professional Radiator Recoring

When it is time for the replacement of a radiator core – regardless of whether your commercial truck is a Mack, Kenworth or Freightliner, it’s essential that all of the Truck Radiator core measurements are exact. If they are not, reassembling the radiator core will be very difficult or even impossible without re-fabrication. At Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator, our thorough recoring process starts by measuring the radiator core’s height, which in most cases is the distance in between the headers. Next we’ll measure the width of the core followed by its depth, which is taken by inserting a wire in between the fins and tubes and then noting that measurement. It’s necessary to prepare for a Truck Radiator recore by counting the rows, size of the tubes, the space between tubes, the number and type of fins and whether the core is centrally positioned on the headers or if there is an offset. All data needs to be accurately identified before fabricating the radiator core. The optimal way to make sure that the core measurements and features for your truck are accurate is to bring it to our facility on West Irving Park Road for professional service by experienced technicians!

The engine process we just reviewed is obviously an important part of how a truck engine runs. But what actually keeps an engine running and in good condition is due to a separate entity: the cooling system. So, what does the cooling system do besides the obvious? Basically it’s what prevents the truck engine from seizing up and keeps parts moving and functioning correctly. The cooling process takes place in a few steps:

Internal combustion results in a tremendous amount of heat that must be eliminated from the surrounding parts in an engine. This fact is advantageous because the engine’s coolant help attain the most efficiency when it’s around 200 degrees. Consider that if there was no cooling system, engine temperatures could reach over 4,000 degrees! So while coolant is certainly necessary, it’s still efficient for an engine to run “hot” because it allows for the combustion of fuel and improves oil viscosity to effectively lubricate moving parts.

Cooling systems are either air based or liquid based. Air based systems, which are more typical of older vehicles, have an engine block covered in aluminum “fins” that circulate air through the engine to remove excess heat. Liquid cooling systems, alternatively, circulate a liquid coolant via pipes through the truck’s engine block. Coolant absorbs heat from the engine and directs it through a series of pathways.

The coolant’s journey starts off at the pump. When an engine starts, the pump directs the coolant liquid into the engine block through plumbing. From the block it then circulates on a return pathway through cylinder heads. A thermostat at the exit of the engine block is there to serve as an open and shut valve. Once the engine reaches a specific temperature, the thermostat opens to let coolant cycle through the radiator to cool down again and return to the pump. However, until the engine reached that temperature, the thermostat remains in a closed position and the coolant simply returns straight to the pump.

When a cooling system malfunctions, the heat inside the engine block can cause the pistons to get so heated that they actually weld to the cylinder heads. That’s a major reason why reliable cooling is so essential and why the Truck Radiator must be maintained in good order.

Truck radiator cores can be on the receiving end of a variety of punishing over the road conditions. There’s can be a continuous intrusion of debris, dirt, paper and other objects, bumps from uneven road surfaces and, of course, the never-ending flow of air through the body of the Truck Radiator core. If the radiator’s tubes are manufactured from inferior gauge materials, they can start to erode quickly when compared to those manufactured from higher quality materials. Eroding tubes will eventually lead to tube punctures and leaking fluid. Fortunately, with the high quality tubes and other Truck Radiator parts we stock and install our customers’ vehicles are much less likely to overheat!

Bring all your commercial trucks – regardless of make and model – to Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator for fast and reasonably priced solutions for cooling system malfunction. We are one of the leading sources of comprehensive service for commercial trucks and vehicles throughout Chicagoland. Our shop, located at 3700 West Irving Park Road, offers easy access and speedy service for your commercial trucks and industrial vehicles.

Our helpful staff is ready to deliver the quality Truck Radiator parts you select from our huge inventory with fast same day service for most orders. If your commercial truck’s radiator is due for replacement you typically have two ways to proceed: either purchase a new, top quality Truck Radiator or opt for our excellent radiator recoring services. When you trust your commercial vehicles with our team, either option will meet your needs while keeping costs within your company’s budget. If recoring is your preferred solution, the process generally involves utilizing your existing Truck Radiator brackets and tanks by placing them into a new, efficient radiator core. Our service techs have considerable experience in radiator recoring. We can install a Truck Radiator core for you in any make and model of commercial truck! Just contact Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator today at 773-539-7676 and we’ll get started!