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Our team of service technicians at Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator has many years of experience in Oil Cooler Repair Chicago. As a proven business specializing in comprehensive cooling systems and radiator repair, we serve our customers from all over the Chicago region with repairs and parts at affordable rates – and we get the job done quickly to keep the downtime on your commercial trucks at a minimum.

Oil Cooler Repair Chicago

Oil Cooler Repair Chicago

The main function of a commercial heavy duty truck engine’s oil cooler is simply to allow the cooling system to eliminate extra heat from the oil contained inside. In many trucks out there on the roadways, engine oil is supplied to the oil cooling unit through an adapter that’s positioned in between the truck engine’s block and the truck engine’s oil filter. Oil then moves through the tubes of the cooling unit as the truck engine’s coolant moves around the tubes. Heat that is emitting from the oil gets transferred through the walls of the tubing into the surrounding coolant. This is comparable in some ways to the function of an indoor air conditioning unit in residential homes or buildings. The heat that is absorbed by the engine’s cooling system gets transferred into the air while it goes through the truck’s radiator – which is mounted in front of the engine just behind the grille of the truck.

Keep Your Heavy Duty Trucks Running Smooth With Oil Cooler Repair Chicago

Through standard quality maintenance by your Oil Cooler Repair Chicago team at our main facility on West Irving Park Road in Elk Grove Village, you can prevent the need to replace the oil cooler on your heavy duty truck equipment until it reaches the very end of its effective lifespan. Determining potential issues as soon as possible is essential to make sure that your heavy duty truck’s engine continues running safely and reliably. If your truck engine’s oil becomes too degraded or just doesn’t seem to flow through the engine correctly, it could result in damage to numerous engine parts. When you bring your heavy duty trucks and industrial vehicles in to Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator for scheduled oil and filter changes, it will help the oil cooler last just as long as engine and other major components.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the indicators that your heavy duty truck or industrial vehicle is due for Oil Cooler Repair Chicago:

Oil Leaks From The Cooling Unit

Among the parts that are essential to the operation of an oil cooling system is the oil cooler adapter. The adapter serves as the connection between the oil lines to the cooler itself. Another adapter then directs cooled oil back into the engine’s oil pan. Located within the adapter is a gasket (easily identified as a rubber o-shaped ring) that forms a closed seal. In the event the oil cooler’s adapter does not work properly, oil may in fact leak out of the truck’s engine. Predictably, a leak will become apparent in the form puddles on the ground beneath your vehicle.

If you happen to notice this telltale sign of an oil leak under your truck’s engine, it is always recommended that you contact Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator for professional service. We will promptly identify where the leak is located and perform Oil Cooler Repair Chicago. The sooner you bring your heavy duty truck in to our facility, you’re much more likely to prevent additional problems. When oil leaks, truck engines lose their capacity to lubricate their parts and operate correctly. If professional Oil Cooler Repair Chicago is postponed for too long, it could result in higher engine temperatures and excessive wear on engine parts because of increased friction from lack of adequate lubrication.

Engine Coolant leaks From The Oil Cooler

Much like a loss of oil, the need for Oil Cooler Repair Chicago can be caused by the leak of engine coolant from the engine of your heavy duty truck or industrial vehicle. Regardless of whether the coolant leak is small or substantial, the engine will eventually overheat in the event it does not receive Oil Cooler Repair Chicago soon. If the leak is a small one, you may see the coolant collecting in a puddle on the ground right below your truck. If the leak is a big one, you’ll likely detect steam emitting from under the hood of your heavy duty truck. In this case, don’t hesitate to contact us at 773-539-7676 for Oil Cooler Repair Chicago. If too much coolant leaks from the truck’s radiator or the truck’s oil cooler, it can cause engine overheating difficulties and mechanical part malfunction.

Oil In The Cooling System

In the event an oil cooler system adapter malfunctions internally, you might notice engine oil seeping into the cooling system component. This need for Oil Cooler Repair Chicago occurs because when the engine is running, oil pressure levels are higher than the pressure in the cooling system. This will at some point result in not enough lubrication and seriously damage your heavy duty truck’s engine. Another commonly reported problem is when the oil cooler’s tubes become clogged up with dirt and debris, which can pollute the oil and lead to poor cooling capability.

Coolant In Engine Oil

When the engine is off and a truck’s cooling system is pressurized, coolant can find its way into the unit’s oil pan. High oil pan levels are a potential hazard to the engine and can hamper proper function. With timely Oil Cooler Repair Chicago this issue will be prevented.

Any of the signs we’ve mentioned here calling for Oil Cooler Repair Chicago will require a flushing out of both the truck’s cooling system and the truck’s engine to safely remove all of the contaminated fluids. The oil cooler adapter, if it’s indeed the bad component, will need replacement. Additionally, the oil cooler itself will need to be flushed clean or be replaced.

Oil Cooler Repair Chicago – When It’s Time For Replacement

There are some instances, however, when staying current with routine maintenance will not avoid all damage possibilities for an oil cooling system. As they wear down with mile after mile of use on the road, oil coolers simply reach the end of their effectiveness. Noted below are a few of these indications that can alert you that the oil cooler in your heavy duty truck or industrial vehicle may need replacement.

  • *Diminished engine power.
  • *Burning oil.
  • *Sudden, fast increase in engine temperature

The process of replacing an oil cooler is a relatively simple one: the first step is to raise the heavy duty truck or industrial vehicle up on jack stands. Once safely in position, our service techs remove the old oil cooler and dispose of it. Using specialized clamps, the new oil cooler is then installed. To check for leaks and proper function, the truck will be started – additional testing is also performed after the truck is lowered down.

Don’t trust Oil Cooler Repair Chicago to an unfamiliar service that might not have the expertise to get the job done right for you! Bring your heavy duty vehicles into Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator for results that meet your budget and put you back on the road fast. We welcome new customers! Find out why so many truck owners and operators have come to rely on us for the very best Oil Cooler Repair Chicago and top quality truck parts.