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Heavy Duty Radiators Chicago, IL

Heavy Duty Radiators Chicago, IL

Our goal of supplying the very best, most affordable Heavy Duty Radiators solutions for Chicago’s commercial trucking community is why we’ve become a leading source for heavy duty copper and brass radiator cores, brass tanks, aluminum charge air cooler cores, complete charge air coolers, and oil coolers. At Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator, we stock a wide selection of customized aluminum radiator cores, aluminum radiators, quality oil coolers, high pressure air coolers, plus commercial aluminum condensers and coils that feature the latest technology for maximum efficiency.

With such an assortment of high quality products and service for Heavy Duty Radiators, we are Chicago’s leading alternative for all of your heavy duty and high performance truck parts. But just because we have so many top quality truck parts here at our facility on West Irving Park Road, they won’t be much use to our customers if they can’t access those parts quickly. To fulfill this very important aspect of the Heavy Duty Radiators Chicago, IL industry, our knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to identify the exact parts our customers need to match specific applications on schedule.

Our Heavy Duty Radiators Chicago are manufactured for precise fit for quick installation. The radiators are made with hardware like clevis pins that permit the unit’s core to correctly retract and expand to prevent header leaks. Additionally, they’re designed with stress relief cuts that help decrease stress on the headers. With its funnel shape, the tube to header fit allows the tube to be fitted specifically in the header. This helps the soldering to encircle the tube and assure a durable tube to header connection. All of our medium and heavy duty truck radiators are created from quality materials with the finest workmanship. All Heavy Duty Radiators Chicago we stock uses quality tooling in the manufacture of both the radiator core and tanks.

The Best Heavy Duty Radiators for Your Trucks

At Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator, our complete products are pressure-tested and packaged to ensure that when you receive your radiator it’s in mint condition and ready for a “drop-in” fit. Built to the highest industry standards, our Heavy Duty Radiators Chicago are ready from the start to fulfill the daily – and nightly – demands of commercial truck applications!

When it comes to the importance of quality Heavy Duty Radiators for our customers in Chicago, it’s helpful to be familiar with the concept of heat transfer and how truck parts are able to work hard 24/7 without overheating:

Heat transfer is a field of thermal engineering that relates to the generation, usage, conversion and then the exchange of thermal heat between physical parts of an engine. Basically, heat transfer is classified into different mechanisms such as thermal conduction, convection, radiation and the transfer of energy via phase changes. Engineers also view the transfer of mass to accomplish heat transfer. Although these components have different qualities, they frequently occur at the same time within the same overall system.

Heat conduction is simply the exchange of kinetic energy from particles through the boundary that exists between systems. When a certain object is at a temperature different from another object, heat moves so that the objects and surrounding area attain the same temperature. This transfer of heat always flows from an area or object with a higher temperature to another area or object at a lower temperature.

Heat convection takes place when movement of a fluid – such as gasoline – delivers heat along with the actual flow of matter contained in the fluid. This flow can be directed by outside processes, or by forces resulting from expansion of the fluid. Convective processes also move heat by diffusion, while another type of convection is known as forced convection. In that instance, the fluid flows by the use of a pump, a fan or some other mechanical application.

So Why Do Some Heavy Duty Truck Engines Overheat?

The Thermostat Could Be Stuck Open Or Shut

Thermostat malfunction can lead to engine overheating in lots of ways. The thermostat could get stuck in the closed or open position, it could be opening at a wrong temperature, or it could simply break apart over time. If your heavy truck is consistently overheating, check the thermostat.

The Engine’s Head Gasket Could Be Leaking Coolant

When a head gasket leaks it’s a problem that calls for a prompt solution. If you see a telltale sign such as bubbles forming in your cooling system, it means that compression is mixing in with your coolant. As a simple test, remove the radiator cap and start the truck: if coolant fluid splashes out from the radiator it’s a sure sign of a compression leak. Caution: don’t do this test with a hot engine. It’s suggested that you bring your truck to Chicago’s source for Heavy Duty Radiators so our techs can evaluate it. In many cases, a head gasket leak can be very difficult to locate.

Airflow Might Be Obstructed By Dirt or Debris

It’s a good practice to check for obstructions that could be blocking your truck’s grill or the space in between the grill and the radiator. It’s not uncommon for plastic bags, papers, or other items to be the cause of overheating. When the front of Heavy Duty Radiators are blocked, it prevents air from flowing through the radiator itself and transferring the heat out of the coolant. Also, we recommend taking a look between the condenser unit and the Heavy Duty Radiators because it’s another area where debris can collect.

Electric Cooling Fan Malfunctioning or Fuse Blown

Your truck engine’s electric fan needs switch on at certain times to maintain cool temperatures. It should turn on, for example, when your truck’s air conditioning is running, when temperatures rise to a specific level, or when the engine is off but still too hot. If your truck’s fan doesn’t turn on, there are a number of things to check. First, make sure the fuse is in good condition. If it is, then it’s time to check if the fan motor is malfunctioning or if there’s a wire shorted out. In any event, if your truck’s electric fan is out of order, don’t hesitate to bring it on in to the experts in service for Heavy Duty Radiators!

The Water Pump Could Be Leaking

It can be a challenge to diagnose a bad water pump. The cause could be that the propeller is broken, which is an internal engine issue that’s not easy to spot. While water pumps can fail, they don’t always show leaks or outwardly visible signs of malfunction. In many cases, defects in a water pump are internal, which means identifying a leak requires removing the pump.

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From recording Heavy Duty Radiators or welding to repairs for fuel tank systems and more, you can always trust your commercial trucks to our experienced service technicians. We understand that it’s essential for Chicago’s busy commercial truck operators to have a source of Heavy Duty Radiators and truck parts that they can count on. Call us today at 773-539-7676.