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As the Windy City’s premier single source provider of Generator Cooling Systems Chicago, the team at Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator can repair or replace your generator regardless of size or application. With our expertise and experience in solutions for a wide variety of generators, our longtime customers have confidence in our quality repairs, great products and affordable rates. We know that time can be a critical factor when it comes to servicing Generator Cooling Systems Chicago – that’s why we make it our goal to provide that service as quickly as possible. If your generator is an older unit with parts that may not be manufactured any more or perhaps difficult to locate, Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator can modify your unit’s radiator to restore performance while staying in compliance with original equipment manufacturer specifications. We can service generators at our facility on West Irving Park Road or on location if necessary and if space permits.

Generator Cooling Systems Chicago, IL

Generator Cooling Systems Chicago – Repairs, Maintenance And Parts For Industrial And Commercial

Backup power generation is essential for dependable operations in a wide array of settings: from office complexes, hospitals and industrial plants to retailers, commercial properties and municipal facilities.

Basic Information On Generators And How They Function

Generators are a very useful appliances that can supply electrical power in the event of a power outage, which is valuable for any business because that prevents downtime and disruption of daily operations. Available in various electrical and physical designs, generators can be used in a number of applications.

In accordance with our commitment to keeping our customers informed to help them make the best decisions, here we present a look at how generators work, the main parts of a generator, and how they operate as a backup source of electrical power in commercial and industrial settings:

An electric generator is an appliance that transforms mechanical energy from an outside source into electrical energy for output.
It’s important to note that generators don’t literally create electrical energy. Rather, they utilize the mechanical energy supplied as a way to direct the flow of electric charges through an outside electrical circuit. This flow of charge comprises the output of electrical current provided by the generator. This can be understood by looking at generators as similar to a water pump, which initiates the flow of water but doesn’t actually create the water itself.

As advanced as contemporary generators have become, the way they function is based on a principle of electromagnetic induction identified by the English scientist Michael Faraday in the1830s. Faraday found that the flow of electrical charges can be induced by the movement of an electrical conductor – such as a wire – that contain electric charges in a magnetic field. This movement results in a voltage contrast between the ends of the wire. This then causes the electric charges to flow and generate electrical current.

Generator Cooling Systems Chicago – Cooling And Exhaust Systems

Cooling systems are comprised of a radiator and the coolant inside of it, a block heater and a water pump. We regularly service generators to keep them operating at maximum performance. Steady use of a generator – just like with steady use of a truck engine – causes its various parts to heat up. It is very important to have Generator Cooling Systems Chicago and ventilation systems in good condition to dissipate heat reliably.

While water is used as a coolant for some generators, that’s usually limited to certain units like smaller generators or large units over 2250 kilowatts. Hydrogen is also sometimes used for coolant in large generator units because it is more effective at absorbing heat than many other coolant fluids. Hydrogen pulls away heat from the generator and directs it through the unit’s heat exchanger. From there, heat moves through a secondary cooling circuit containing de-mineralized water as a coolant. This is the reason you’ll see very large generators and power plants with cooling towers nearby. For other, more common applications, a standard radiator and fan is positioned on the generator and functions as the main cooling system.

It is essential to check the coolant levels of a generator on a regular basis. Generator Cooling Systems Chicago should be flushed every 600 hours of use. It’s also recommended that heat exchangers receive a cleaning after 2,400 hours of generator use. Following smart safety practices, generators should be positioned in an open, well-ventilated area with a steady supply of fresh air. As a helpful guideline, generators should have at least three feet on each side for an adequate flow of air.

Generator Cooling Systems Chicago – Exhaust Systems

Exhaust fumes released by generators are similar to exhaust fumes emitted from diesel or gas-powered engines. Exhaust contains very toxic chemicals that must be correctly managed. Consequently, it is very important that generators are equipped with a sufficient, reliable exhaust system to eradicate the exhaust gases.

Exhaust pipes are typically manufactured from steel, cast iron or wrought iron. They should be free standing and not be supported by the generator’s engine. Exhaust pipes, generally, are attached to the engine by flexible connectors that help to lessen vibrations and avoid damage to the unit’s exhaust system. The exhaust pipe should always terminate outdoors, and direct the exhaust away from any doors or windows. Exhaust systems for generators must never be connected to any other appliances, and it’s recommended that you check your local city ordinances to verify that your generator unit is in full compliance to protect against fines or other penalties.

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Depend on us to be your reliable source of Generator Cooling Systems Chicago repairs. We have the know-how and the right equipment to provide the great service you need at pricing that works within your budget. Knowing that the turnaround time for repairs, delivery of new parts, or new generator installation is a priority for our customers, we put a priority on timely solutions.

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Located at 3700 West Irving Park Road in Elk Grove Village, we are the Chicago area’s leading repair shop and parts supplier for generators, radiators, air conditioning parts, fuel tanks, condensers and much more. Our staff of industry experts are standing by and ready to locate the exact parts you need. Regardless of whether the part is new to the market or hard to find, Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator can get it for you.

Triangle Heavy Duty Radiator has been providing excellent customer service here in the Chicagoland area for more than 50 years. Our continued success can be attributed to our commitment to hiring the best people and supplying them with the best tools and equipment they need to serve our customers. We make it a point stay to updated on the leading practices and technology that drives our industry.

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